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Sandra Halbe

Sandra Halbe

Spiritual Health Coach, Motivational Speaker

Sandra is Spiritual Health Coach and she loves to support her clients to fully step into their purpose. She helps people to fully be present in their body by discovering their energetic side. Raising the vibrations to feel balance in body, mind and spirit is one of Sandra’s fouvorite tasks.  

There are moments in life when you need support to be able to step up to your next level. Thanks to Sandra, I feel full of energy and focus. I gained clarity over what I really want to do, what I want to achieve and do with my life. Sandra’s positive and empathic way to teach helped is amazing and helped me to feel balanced again. I fully recommend Sandra’s work to be able to live an energized life! Thanks again, Sandra!

Petra Unterbrink

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You want to life a life full of flow and happiness?
You finally want to step out of this circle of feeling stuck and lethargic?
You want to live a life full of purpose, energy and flow?
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