Why I do what I do

My mission is to help wonderful SoulBusiness visionaries and leaders to work with their SoulMission and their magical uniqueness to create financial freedom.

Create money and inspire the world!

I know that you can achieve anything you truly believe in. And you can do it from the bottm of your beautiful heart!
I know that it is your birthright that you can reach millions with your mission.

Why am I so firmly convinced of this?
I would like to tell you!

I have overcome decades of deep-seated and limiting beliefs and negative patterns about money.
negative patterns about money.

Today I live and work in France in what I consider the most wonderful forest in the world. I enjoy my financially free life where I can do whatever I want, where I want.
Here I live with my magical son and the best dog in the world.

But it wasn’t always like this!

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From the Sauerland woman with ambitious goals…

I grew up in a small village in the good old Sauerland. In the middle of forest and lake, where fox and hare say good night to each other, I grew up in modest circumstances.

My parents never had much money, but they managed to build a new two-family house and my sister and I were given what we could.

I am very grateful for this experience. Even then, it was my big dream to have my own house later on “… to walk around.”

I had big dreams. Not only did I want my own house, but I also wanted to become an Olympic champion at least once.

However, the dream of my own sporting career was shattered at the age of just 20, when the surgeon in the operating theatre still told me that I would probably not be able to hop again in this lifetime.

He wasn’t quite right, because one thing is clear: he didn’t reckon with my iron will. So a few years later I was able to successfully complete my sports studies.

I then worked as a sports teacher at a renowned school in Cologne for 8 years. Working with the students was exciting, I loved working with the young people, and yet something was missing.

As I was already privately going to France twice a month on weekends to enjoy the forest here and to pursue my passion of bouldering, at some point I decided to move to France completely.

… to the expat living in France, who was lost at first


All my life I have stumbled with this subject.
Money was always a bitter struggle for me.

Asking for money was horrible.
“You don’t do that.”
Receiving money, however, did not behave well either.
“The rich are arrogant and fake.”

Money always flowed from my hands.
But to love money and to feel worthy enough
that I deserved to receive it, own it and manage it.
I didn’t know that.

At that time, I didn’t understand how money flow could also be very easy.

Then, when I started to build my own business in France,
I was confronted with my money issues.
All this resistance.

In fact, it wasn’t just my story of struggle – I discovered that it’s a story that goes back generations.

My business has connected me to all my money stories

When I started my business, I didn’t know what it really meant to be an entrepreneur. I didn’t know what it takes in terms of technical, legal and entrepreneurial requirements to be “successful”. Basically, I only knew:

I am here for a very specific reason. To help people to be successful with flow and ease.

That has always been my dream.

So far. So good.
Or not so good. Because for a long time things went more badly than right. I didn’t understand the language, didn’t know anyone who could help me. Some days it was very hard, because no money was coming in, but bills were coming in by the minute.

The thing that helped me stay in my energy was the tools and techniques of energy work. Qi Gong. Meditation. Chakra work.

For me, despite all the adversities, there was no plan B anymore. For me, there was only this one path and that’s exactly what I’m still doing today. #NoMatterWhat

I knew I had finally found something that REALLY fulfilled me.

I got help from coaches, trainers and studied tools and techniques.
I started to notice all the programming around money that I had grown up with. I had so many family stories around money. I had been in debt for so long. Not only financially, and fortunately not much there, but above all I was in my own debt.

The guilt of having seemingly abdicated responsibility for so long.
The guilt of never really feeling good enough. Neither for money nor for love.

I didn’t open bills because I didn’t want to face the amounts.

The more aware I became, the more I was completely honest with myself, the clearer my decision became:

Never ever did I want to stay in this “mess”.

Through all the healing work, the transformation processes, through all my mindset and energy work, I realised that true prosperity consciousness and abundance is possible for EVERYONE.

I started sharing my own experiences about how to change your own energy and attitude towards money with my coaching clients.

The more I learned, the more tools I got, and the more I shared.

As my intuitive abilities grew stronger and grew, I began to see the very blocks that prevented people from making money.

Within me, this deep realisation became quite clear that this is exactly the kind of work I set out to do in this life.

Today I am still unfolding more and more. I work with my tools and techniques every day and with every single day I experience more and more how wonderful it is to be myself as a


Because it is entirely up to you to take your life, your success, into your own hands.

I have thought long and hard, dug deep and meditated, and the answer I have asked for is the creation of Money Alchemy.


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