You feel unmotivated, spiritless and empty?

What if you could feel the balanced, could feel the connection between body and mind?

What if you could feel full of energy and power?

“BALANCE yourself” is THE course for more body awareness, FLOW and Energy!

With “BALANCE yourself” you will learn

  • To balance your body
  • How to program your body for success
  • To limit bad posture
  • How to use body language
  • How to get rid of physical symptoms like back pain
  • To re-energize yourself

The number of participants is limited to 6!

Join NOW!

We will start November 18th, 9AM

at the FLC of Fontainebleau

6 Rue du Mont Ussy, 77300 Fontainebleau

You can choose between:

The modules workflow:

Each module is divided into 3 parts: 

Background information

Body part check up for a better understandig of your body,

Exercises (Qi Gong and ZEN gymnastics)

Module 1 - Constitutional types

In this modul we will learn about 5 different kinds of constitutional types. We will have a look at what kind of characteristics are important for which kind of type. We will also focus on your feet and knees.

Module 2 - Body Reading

Here we will focus on the body posture and learn how to adapt to get our body balance back. This time we will work with the rip cage and the heart space.

Module 3 - Reflexes, Emotions
In this module we will focus on special reflexes and how emotions show up in our body. We will also focus on the abdominal region.
Module 4 - Body language

This module is all about body language. How can we use our body better by non verbal communication? We will also focus on your spine, shoulder girdle and head.

Module 5 - Power positions
In this module we will have a closer look at power positions and what we can do to be more self confident! We will also focus on the pelvis!

BALANCE yourself

Choose NOW your program

and look forward to 5 weeks full of inspiration, FLOW and ease!

You can only feel the FLOW, if you BALANCE yourself!

You can also bindingly register to the course “BALANCE yourself” by writing me a message!

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I have lived in France for 8 years and have looked for a massage therapist for many years. I have a cervical hernia and suffer from arthritis and I need a physical therapist to cope with the pain. This summer I met Sandra and she was a God send she is what I had been looking for several years. She does a deep tissue massage that makes a difference and makes me feel much better after I visit her. I recommend her to anyone looking for a real solution to any muscle or back pain. Thank you Sandra for all your help!
Adriana Suarez Kuhlman

For weeks I’ve been suffering from a painful, stiff neck. I’d seen a doctor who prescribed medication and I continued to suffer mostly in silence. I met Sandra at an event and told her about my neck problem. She took a great deal of interest and explained what she thought might be causing it. I arranged a time to meet her. She gave me a full body assessment which helped me understand how my posture was possibly causing my neck problem. After a few sessions of deep tissue massage with Sandra my neck felt so much better; I had almost no pain and the limited movement had returned to normal. I would highly recommend Sandra. Not only is she an excellent masseuse but she really cares about prevention not just cause. Susan L
Susan La Pira

Following results can be achieved thanks to “BALANCE yourself”

  • More energy and power
  • More balance between body and mind
  • More body awarenes
  • More balance and tranquility
  • More fun in your daily life
  • You feel easy and light
  • You feel more relaxed

We will start November 18th.

Save your space NOW as the course is limited to 6 people!

The dates of our meetings are:

November 18th

November 25th

December 09th

December 16th

January 13th

If you are not able to come to one of these meetings we will find a solution together!

You can choose between

With “BALANCE yourself” you can get in touch with your body again. You will learn how to get into the right energy to BE yourself, to be in the FLOW. You will experience how exciting it is to feel your body again, to feel the connection. For more power, energy, fun, FLOW and ease in your daily life (AND business)!

Sandra Halbe

Sandra Halbe

Bodyworkerin and FLOW enthusiast

Sandra is bodyworker and FLOW coach! She will show you how to feel the FLOW by balancing body and mind! Her vision is to balance her clients so that they can feel themselves better, balance their body better and are able to live up to their full potential!

Choose NOW before it is sold out!

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