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Address: 25, rue d’Auvers 77123 Noisy-sur-Ecole Frankreich

Telephone: +33 7 82 93 84 88

I am living at the edge of the beautiful forest of Fontainebleau. Here I built up my bodywork practice offering relaxation, massages and sports therapy for people with back pain. This area of France is quite and peaceful, in the middle of nowhere. This practice is a childhood dream of mine and it has a good connection to Paris and Fontainebleau.

This beautiful forest is a perfect area to meditate, to discover nature and to soak up the peace and quite. To discover and play with this forest with all of my senses is one of my favorite activities. To be outside should always be a part of a good training program. Why? Simply out of the reason that at the fresh air it is so much easier to fill up your energy reserves. It is so much easier to relax in the sunshine, to see trees around and to smell the flowers and plants. In a forest for example it is impossible to be sad. Just try it out! 🙂